Archives Collection Policy

The objective of the St. Thomas More Archives is to collect and preserve present and historical church records of individuals, ministries, and organizations engaged in work that reflects the goals of St. Thomas More Catholic Church (STM). Additionally, it is the goal of the Archives to make records accessible to the general public unless access is restricted by legal requirements or written instructions of the donor. The Archives places major emphasis on acquiring archival records documenting significant Parish activity or its impact, and personal records made by organizations and private individuals showing their participation in or observation of significant Parish activities. The Archives also exists to:

  • Provide adquate and appropriate conditions for the storage, protection, and preservation of its materials.
  • Provide reference services to individuals interested in the holdings of the Archives.
  • Provide outreach programs to increase public awareness and appreciation of the history and development of St. Thomas More Catholic Church.

Material acquired by the St. Thomas More Archives shall be appraised according to archival principles and practices to maintain an adequate storage facility now and in the foreseeable future. The acquired materials will also become the permanent property of St. Thomas More and the archives until the Archivist deems it no longer relevant, and thus, may be deaccessioned. All informaiton pertaining to the deaccessioning or disposal of material will be retained in the Archives' records.

The Archives will accept material in these formats:

Official Church Records

Constitution and by-laws in original and revised forms
Committee and ministry minutes
Annual reports
Records of baptisms, first Eucharists, confirmations, marriages, deaths
Legal records--deeds, trust agreements
Financial records
Records that protect the rights of employees
Church correspondences
Church events


Homilies (on website)
Membership directories, yearbooks
Newspaper clippings
Ephemeral material from ministries--pamphlets, brochures, fliers, programs
Conference reports

Audio and Visual

Church videos and films
Music records
Oral histories

Miscellaneous Material

Records created by ministries
Biographical material on priests (past and present) and any other leaders
Memorabilia and artifacts
Histories of the local community
Architectural drawings, blueprints of church buildings

The Archives retains the right to create surrogates of material for preservation, research, or security reasons.

No person shall be prevented from using the Archives unless it is determined that the materials will be physically abused or used in a libelous or illegal manner.



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